When you’re dealing with water damage, mold usually follows. Northridge Water Damage technicians are trained to expect mold and put in measures to prevent its appearing after diagnosing your water restoration, but if you’ve worked with another company or have lingering moisture, you should seek professional assistance in dealing with mold. Not only can mold go undetected for years, it can cause serious health issues down the road that compromise the air quality of your Northridge home/business.

At Northridge, we hire only IICRC trained professionals that have specific experience in removal of mold, sterilization and prevention of future infestation. We use an independent laboratory to verify your property is decontaminated both from mold and its spores, which can also cause respiratory issues to occupants. Call us for more information, today:

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Northridge Mold Mitigation Services

With over 10 years of experience in Southern California Mold Removal, Northridge Water Damage is uniquely equipped to solve your mold problem. Our proprietary mold mitigation measures are time tested and IICRC approved to sterilize and restore mold affected areas all while being environmentally friendly. We take your health and quality of life seriously and use the strictest hygienic measures and testing protocol to ensure that you have a safe, comfortable environment after we’ve left. Let us show you the Northridge difference!

  • Assessment of mold damage, identification of fungal bodies
  • Spore containment and HEPA filtration
  • Dry-Ice Blasting of Mold Colonies for Removal
  • Biocide Application to kill molds
  • General sterilization of infected areas
  • Sealing of structural components to prevent spread of infestation
  • Spore Capture, scrubbing for air quality improvement
  • Hypoallergenic deodorization
  • Restoration of color damaged and abraded surfaces.
  • Claim processing and insurance assistance.

Why worry about Mold?

When excess moisture is present in your Northridge home or business, it can lead to the growth of molds. These fungi feed on the substrate of your home including woodwork, walls, furniture, etc. As they grow, the produce byproducts and spores that can cause health issues in most people.

If small children, elderly, asthmatics or immune system compromised individuals are present in a high-mold environment, the risks are even higher. If this is the case in your property, you should seek professional help immediately. Only trained professional can correctly diagnose the problem and provide comprehensive mold removal techniques.

Call Northridge Water Damage today for 24/7 emergency assistance or for free consultation on your mold removal choices! (818) 626-3774